Indeed, the people want absolute monarchy!

On my way back from Jerash to Amman today, I saw this banner. One man, declared on behalf of his tribe, and the tribe declared   on...

On my way back from Jerash to Amman today, I saw this banner. One man, declared on behalf of his tribe, and the tribe declared  on behalf of whole people of Jordan, that we, the people of Jordan, are all for ABSOLUTE MONARCHY.

 What is this blasphemy we hear from some? Titular monarchy you say? How dare you? How dare you suggest a modern or a post modern system of government? Our model is the middle ages, we want absolute monarchy. For that man in Jerash has declared it, loud and clear: The people want ABSOLUTE MONARCHY!

Europe erred when it had its renaissance. They have gone astray by not honoring that time honored “divine right of kings”. We shall not make that European mistake.  

Magna Carta? Bill of rights? How so Anglo-Saxon? Not for us. Not for the people of Jordan. Nonsense! The people want Absolute monarchy.

And while we are at it. who is proposing to end honor killings? How so modern of you? Honor killings shall remain, and lets bring back the chastity belts as well.

And who, pray tell, let the slaves go free? Slavery is sanctioned in the Bible and in the Quran. Who decided to step out of the middle ages and end slavery?  What nerve?

Absolute monarchy.  Lets indeed have absolute monarchy. Jordan’s constitution, with all its faults, makes us a constitutional monarchy. So off with the constitution, we want absolute monarchy.

Now Sarcasm ends here: One final thought in Arabic. Maybe Saad Zaghlool of Egypt was right after all:
مفيش فايدة

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  1. The sad part is when a supposedly educated Jordanian, decides not to respect this man's humble opinion. Shame on you

  2. My friend Mr. "Jerashi". If this man said his opinion in his name it would have been fine. But to state his radically backward opinion as if it is the opinion of his tribe and also the whole people of Jordan is indeed worthy of ridicule.

  3. You are someone who takes advantage of events..your article is not very good...hard time..

  4. Mr.abbasi,

    I hope you are not trying to insult me by referring to me as mr.jerashi as I am a jerashi, a jerashi of Circassian decent as well.

    I think your next article should be about the few people protesting in the streets with their oh-so creative slogans speaking on behalf of the people of Jordan.

    Let's all drop the "al shaab yoreed" it'll be better for all of us.

  5. Well my friend, I did not have any name for you except what you wrote. If would give me your name, I would gladly use it.

    I believe in Democracy. So I agree with you, people should not speak in the name of other people. Rather, it should be through fair elections and / or referendums.

    Have a very good day. And thanks for reading the posts on the blog.

  6. Here's an attempt at deciphering the logic of the banner's author. The man says he wants absolute monarchy. But in an absolute monarchy, the man's wants are irrelevant as only the sovereign's wants are relevant. So the man demands to be governed in a system where he has no demands...

    My head hurts.

  7. Indeed مفيش فايدة! But who are we to say we are a part of "the few" protesting in the street for our deprived rights! Well written Mr. Abbassi!