Monday, April 11, 2011

Jordanian Olive Oil in Qatar, the contrast with bananas in the Jordan Valley!

Very pleased to see attractively packaged extra virgin Jordanian olive oil at the breakfast buffet in the Hyatt Hotel in Doha Qatar in April 2011. Jordan’s olives are a treasure indeed: Easily exportable to global and regional markets due to their high quality.

Does this apply to banana farms in the Jordan valley! Lets contrast:
Olive trees are indigenous to Jordan and natural water savers. Banana trees are neither, they are water guzzlers, in a country that is one of the poorest countries on earth in terms of water resources.

Olives and olive oil are readily exportable for markets around the world. Jordanian bananas need custom tax protection to be sell-able even in the local market, let alone trying to export them!

Olive farms are all over Jordan supporting many Jordanian families and labor. Banana farms mostly employ underpaid expatriate workers in exploitative situations.

Need we say more? Why can’t we just focus on the agriculture that makes sense in a country struggling to save the little water resources it has?

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