Sunday, May 4, 2008

Transparency defined: The UK as an example.

Transparency defined: The UK as an example.

You’ve got to love democracy. For one sure outcome of it, is transparency in the public finances. One such example of democratic transparency is the United Kingdom’s royal family’s financial disclosures. It is fully available at a dedicated web site called

A short excerpt below from

In the financial year 2006-2007 Head of State expenditure was £37.3 million. This compares with £87.3 million (expressed in current pounds) in 1991-92.

This means that The Queen as Head of State cost the taxpayer just 62 pence per person per year.

I especially like the statement on 62 pence per year cost on the tax payer. I guess this is directed at the republican factions in the UK. As if the UK crown is telling them: “We only cost you 62 pence per person per year, and chances are we bring in more tourist revenues than what we spend!!!”

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